August 30, 2011

Product Development Infographic

The Fashion design industry works year around almost a year in advance. this is a calendar year including seasons and what stage the produce is in at any given time.

August 29, 2011

Smart deco two thousand & eleven

This was the invitation for the second annual swing dance & silent film
by Daniel Ramer

August 26, 2011

Kings with crowns upside down

Pawns & bishops at fray.
At war we wage our earthen way, at war we pretend to play.
Our strongholds we raise up to the sky, in brick we place or trust.
In the image of self righteous man, we worship our own dust.
But just as blind to the future as to our squandered past,
the kingdoms we have sculpted surely will not last.
The earth will tremble, the people rise,
our image rase to the ground,
to the echo upon the shores "be still" it's only sound.

Mom & Dad

My mom & dad

August 24, 2011

Week Ends

Oh to the grace of a good Creator, & the sacred Sabbath He so blessed, that He in all His foresight gave us a day, to sit in rest. But so often in our worldly hearts, we run rampant each day into the next. Reaching with empty hands clawing at success. But what then will that win us, but to each our early death?
Thank you dear sweet Savior for the day you were laid to rest, that then you rose the next, Oh how we... are doubly blessed.
Love Daniel