January 22, 2013

The Ethic of Cronus

Woe to you the priests of Marduk,
Fire, Bel, and blood stained alter.

Woe to you Oh Priests of Kali, 
With sacrifice, dance, and slaughter.

Are human rights based on place in time?
Is your dignity any less then mine?
Is murder Just…  with selfish cause?
Are there deeper truths beneath these Laws?
What than would constitute a crime,
If morality is a man made line.

Should slavery be abolished still?
Has it ever been?… I'm doubtful it ever will.

Cast, class, sex, age and race.
Do not diminish our images, worth or place.

Will "My body, my choice" extend to clones?
Their tissues, and organs, and even their bones? 
Will we consume our own offspring,
as the means to live the lives we dream? 

Is this freedom really free, when paid in full by those yet-to-be? 
Or is this simply, sinful anarchy? 

Woe to you the priests of Roe,
choosing, choices for those you do not know.