June 27, 2013



Oh what glory wonder,
here you've brought your heavens low.
And in my earthen weakness.
Life and breath does flow.
Woe that I would ponder,
any less the you.
And give my adoration,
where it wasn't worthy due.
Oh gratuitous mercy,
how painfully unfair.
That in your HOLY goodness 
my sin you would bear.


June 16, 2013

Man of Arms


Man of Arms  

{a fathers day poem}

{to Gary Ramer my father}

Broad and gleaming, two edged steel,
Gold leaf index worn to peel.
There he sits before the day,
slow to speak with much to say.
Battle weary page unfurled,
reading of another world.

Just an old man, coffee and a book,
until you take a closer look.

A Man in motion, yet still anon,
holy praying before the dawn.
Father fixed fast to fray,
a wartime hero in every way.
He's a Soldier, have you not heard?
He wields with grace the Holy WORD.

Thank you Pa

June 6, 2013


Step right up!

The talented and remarkable Elise Stephens has done it again! This is an exciting short story from the author of "Moon light and Oranges" about a young man looking for an adventurous summer job with a circus, little did he know he would find more then he bargained for with this band of rambling rogues.

For more from Elise check out her blog HERE

I had the pleasure of illustrating, photographing, and designing the cover.