May 19, 2013



Bleeding wounded, solemn slave,
Pallid prisoner, hungry grave.
Brother, sister, refugee.
Bound to darkness, blind are we.
Bodies broken, battle scarred,
Chained in iron, bruised and marred.

Are we just abandoned here?
All alone to ferment fear?
Spoils of a treason war?
Foreigners on this lonely shore?
Forsook, forgot... what for?

Dear comrade,
there is so much more! 

Take heart your not alone!
There is a splint to set that bone.
A hammer to unfetter you,
A bolt of light that cuts straight through!
We're still at WAR!
The fight and fray is at the door,
The enemy is close at hand,
Your heart is not his captive land! 
Surrender is not what soldiers do.
Death has not Conquered you!

You are free! now take your stand!
Trust The Servant in command!
His victory is a Perfect plan!
Writ long before you were born,
He knew your weakness, and your thorn.
Hear the thrum and turmult sound! 
Here there is no neutral ground.
You are His or you are not,
but for sure. not, forgot!

inspired by Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, (Ephesians 6:10-24), "I am Victorious" & John Piper, Desiring God, (Romans 7:14–25)   "Who Is This Divided Man?"


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