July 15, 2013



A noble work, monument, reflection of its maker.
Perfect bound, Saddle stitch, French fold, Pen and paper.
Did the Luminary grieve the printing press? 
Did the Setter foresee this distress?Pages twisting pulp and sinew, leather's swarthy whistle-crack.
From Gutenberg to Heidelberger to Nuremberg in black.
Heaped up high upon each other.
Volumes, cling to one another.
Covers rent to the Author's cries.
Ink ash spires paint black the skies.
Temple, alter, synagogue... parliament-minaret & steeple.
People burning, burning books. Books and burning people.


Inspired by ~Heinrich Heine 1797-1856  "Where they have burned books,
they will end in burning human beings" 

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