February 14, 2013

Foul Weather Feather

 {A Crow-mance}

Jet black and charcoal, rain drops and motor oil. 
Ash as the star starved night. 
Wind ruffled and pulled, snow covered and cold. 
Not a crumb to our name,
as poor as the nests from which we came. 
Yet even within ice, sleet and hail,
yours is a friendship that did not fail. 
From tip of your beak to the end of your tail,
my faithful friend.

I cannot add for tomorrow one more minute today,
but don't be anxious darling, the skies won't always be gray.

Remember last Autumn and the broken wing,
remember the miss-hatch, of that mournful Spring.
Heavier burdens have beset you and I,
even days too painful to fly.
But ours is a oath for better and worse,
perseverance perched abreast despite Adam's curse.
I will nest right by your side in joy and through strife,
the heart I give you, (my birdie bride), I give you for life.


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