February 26, 2013

on fate & PROVIDENCE

on fate & PROVIDENCE  

To what logician's ascribe and magician's contrive,
I bare no mark.
To the lofty heights, of metaphysician's geist,
I dare not embark. 
But in these two days, and in many ways,
I duly cannot expound.
A clear strange thing came to pass, though through dim lit glass,
a whisper of truth was found.
Now as to my humble estate, I am weary of this thing called (Fate),
of Witch' of Wyrd' and woven webs.

But as for me, and my destiny...
in foreknowing hands is lain.
At mercies' brink, in blood scrawled ink,
of the "Book of the Lamb that was Slain.
The hammer, wood and nail, should paint my fitting tale,
one of Justice in bitter fire.
Yet beyond where our minds can grasp, before time was cast,
in love God conspired. 

To whatever my end, be it betrayal by a friend,
or being cut down by the sword.
I pray one thing remain, the faith to proclaim,
that Jesus Christ is LORD. 


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